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Web Developer

Hi! I'm Manish

I am a Web Developer based in Toronto, Canada. I build responsive, websites and applications with clean, efficient and accessible code. Coding is my passion and through it I get to create interactive digital experiences that are fun and useful for people.


Recent Works


A 'Search & Save' application that lets users search for practically anything anywhere in the world (like cafes, theatres, monuments as well as things to do) in any city. The results are populated through Google Places API. The users are able to create an itinerary, save and retrieve that list using Google authentication. Made with API, Javascript, HTML & CSS.

Where do you belong Quiz

A fun and quirky javascript quiz app that displays a city you might belong to by answering a few questions. Give it a try! Made with Javascript, HTML & CSS.

Levidrome Validator

Find out if a particular word is a levidrome or not! A React based application that uses the Oxford Dictionary API to confirm a user inputted word and its flipped word and also retrives their definitions. Made with React, API, Javascript, HTML & CSS.

Zap (PSD Conversion)

A fully responsive PSD template conversion. Made with HTML & CSS.

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